CD Song List
2014 Pegasus winner "Grandfather"
And, to keep it moving, I've got two songs in the brainstorm poll this year…
I Never See the Rain, and
The Farmer. Get out and vote!

Oh. My. God.
(and this from a non-theist...)
I have been inducted into the

Filk Hall of Fame

Class of 2017, along with
Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff and Judi Miller …what company…

Gary's Audition page
This is the link if you are looking for my solo gig audition stuff. Otherwise, continue on to the Not Wired Right spot.

Note that if you don't have ActiveX controls enabled, you will not be able to play the selections here

Not Wired Right's Audition page
As most of my musical attention is, at this point, centered mostly on my duo Not Wired Right, this is a link to our current audition tracks, which are the ones in blue. If you want to know where we will be playing, check the Where is NotWiredRight website!